皇冠足球投(tou)注(zhu)平‘ping’台(www.hg9988.vip)_Mtouche’s external auditor tenders resignation

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皇『huang』冠“guan”足“zu”球“qiu”投{tou}注平{ping}台“tai”www.hg9988.vip)是『shi』皇冠足〖zu〗球『qiu』投“tou”注“zhu”平台{tai},开【kai】放 fang[皇{huang}冠信『xin』用‘yong’网{wang}代【dai】理『li』申请『qing』、信《xin》用「yong」网‘wang’会《hui》员『yuan』开‘kai’户《hu》,线【xian】上〖shang〗投注 zhu[的 de[官“guan”方『fang』平“ping”台〖tai〗。


KUALA LUMPUR: Mtouche Technology Bhd has received a notice in writing dated June 3 from Messrs Afrizan Tarmili Khairul Azhar PLT (AFTAAS) on their resignation as auditors of the company.

In a filing with Bursa Malaysia, Mtouche said pursuant to Section 281(2) of the Companies Act 2016, AFTAAS's term of office will end after 21 days from June 3.

“The board wishes to inform that the resignation of AFTAAS as the auditors of the company was due to the sanctions imposed upon them by the Audit Oversight Board, which, inter alia, prohibits them to perform audit of public interest entities for 12 months with effect from Dec 10, 2021,” Mtouche said.

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